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Our mission is to provide education through Waldorf pedagogy integrating the economic, social and cultural diversity for a conscious action in the world”

             ince 2006, the Community School JC has worked for the whole development of the children of Peninsula de Maraú, Bahia, Brazil, based on the principles of Waldorf Pedagogy.


The school is a non-profit socio-educational project without owners. It relies 100% on the efforts of the teachers and parents, and on help from donors and sponsors to stay alive.


Currently the school has 104 children in two kindergarten classes and in five elementary grade classes, from first to fifth grades.


Practically half of the population in the Maraú region are illiterate, and most of the children come from families that cannot afford the school fees.


Today only a handful of them are sponsored, so the school’s main challenge is to find people to sponsor them.


We are facing a lot of challenges to maintain this dream alive.


75% of the children come from socio-economically vulnerable families.


But with determination and support from friends and sponsors we are making our way.

Come and be part of this story!


Contribute to the growth and maintenance of Community School Jardim do Cajueiro.


Sponsor the education of 10 children at Community School Jardim do Cajueiro. The monthly cost is R$ 7.300.


Contribute with 1 $ per day to the growth and maintenance of  Community School Jardim do Cajueiro.


A person or company willing to help defend our cause and provide for access to a consistent education for economically vulnerable communities on the Maraú peninsula.


Sponsor the education of one child at Community School Jardim do Cajueiro. The monthly cost is R$ 730.


Project name:


CNPJ – 06.091.004/0001-09


Banco do Brasil
Branch: 1286

Account: 17585-4


IBAN: BR5300000000012860000175854C1

A          story

The initial impulse took place in a borrowed house where two kindergarten classes functioned. 


The school opened with 24 children from economically vulnerable families.It was maintained in its first years through friends’ donations. 


With time, more children arrived and the school grew bigger.


In 2011, it expanded into elementary education, and each subsequent year a new class was born, consequently increasing the number of children, teachers, employees and maintenance costs.


From 2006 to 2012, the school occupied four different locations. Due to the growing number of classes offered and the lack of adequate properties for rental, the construction of its own premises became imperative.


In 2011, the County of Maraú donated a plot of land. At this point, most of the fundraising efforts and general resources were directed towards the construction.


In 2012, through great effort and a lot of helping hands, the construction of the premises was initiated.


Due to different types of donations: money, materials, and services given by supporters, parents and friends, the first stage was concluded in February 2015.


The school now has seven classrooms, a kitchen and bathrooms totaling 608 square meters within a cost of R$1,094.00 per square meter.


The monthly costs are still much higher than the school’s income, and we need all the help we can get.

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