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Arte Mainha : female creative collective

       ith the purpose of self-management of the productive group, the women will receive continuous training to carry out collective control of the entire production process, from the final activity to the management of the enterprise, respecting their role._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_The division of work will be done in teams, with their respective functions: stock teams; shopping; of finance; organization and cleanliness; in addition to the sales group, which will produce kits and send them to points of sale, replenish goods, and carry out cash control.

All decisions are taken jointly by the group.

The functions are monthly rotating so that all artisans know how to manage the entire process

The group will meet once a week, for at least 10 months, in 4-hour meetings, for training and productive activities. The project coordinator will be responsible for organizing the meetings, managing the activities and controlling the quality of the products.We will be accompanied by a psychologist to address issues regarding the social reality of the participants, in the conversation circles. Arte Mainha emphasizes productive inclusion in order to gain autonomy and strengthen family and community ties. The objective is to promote a network of solidarity, of conscious and independent women, empowered to transform their lives and that of their children. There will be professional psychological follow-up, in support of personal issues.
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