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The godparents are the individuals who trust in the educational proposal of the Jardim do Cajueiro Community School as a factor of social and human development and, therefore, are responsible for the annual cost of a child.
We currently have 11 godparents who are fundamental for the development of the School and who provide opportunities for the education of children.


In May 2016, we started a campaign with the goal of obtaining financial support to cover the costs of the school year for 40 scholarship students.


The school's current financial situation is deficient and forces us to seek new support to continue with this beautiful project.


Join this countdown! Help us to zero this number. Gather two, three friends or family members and sponsor a child.


Believe me, you can make a difference!

Monthly cost BRL 690.00.


1. Analida Pinto Graham
2. Aparecida Nazaré by Paula Jacobucci
3. Fátima Magalhães / Zemaro Cavalcanti
4. Fernando Toledo Etzel
5. Izabela Pasternak / Marcella Pasternak
6. Karina Cardoso / Melanie Gesa Mangels Guerra / Sandra Lia Simon
7. Suzana Pasternak / ​Magaly Domingues​ ​  
8. Daisy Apparcida Prado Beirão / Ledice de Sá Pinheiro Pereira
9. Judith Hofmeister Martins Costa
10. Marta Edna de Moura e Cunha
11. Roberto Cesare
12. Monica Panachão
13. Sergio Leal / Vanda Leal
14. Karin Amaral
15. Marcelo D'Angelo Soubhia / Goichi Manoel Nishimoto
16. Mauricio Guimarães da Rocha Fleet /
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