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In the first seven years of life, educating is allowing the child to exercise their senses. In this way, the pedagogical activities are planned to cater for sensory development. The senses are the body's windows to the world and allow us to understand the world of nature and other people.


Thinking is gradually cultivated, from the imagination encouraged through tales, legends and myths – at the beginning of schooling – until reaching high school with scientific abstract thinking, with solid foundations for productive criticism and judgment._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_It is intended that all classes are a preparation for real life.


The idea is to develop, over the years at school, the necessary qualities so that children know how to deal with and, above all, flourish in this world of constant and rapid changes, with creativity, flexibility, responsibility and confidence in their ability to transform the reality in which they are inserted. .


The experience of beauty is related to morality; it is through it that the moral foundations are laid - the feeling of fraternity towards others and of reverence for the mysteries of life and nature.

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